At Positive Leader our goal is to help you achieve a positive work environment that promotes creativity, happiness, and positive energy. Based on years of scientific research and “C” Suite experience, we have developed a system that helps your associates become the Positive Leaders your company needs in order to thrive.

Through extensive scientific research, we have discovered that too many managers spend their time dealing with negative issues rather than focusing on the delivery of exceptional service. Positive Leader’s management philosophy focuses on the strengths of your associates. By focusing on their strengths, you will create an engaged workforce.

At Positive Leader, our management philosophy is different.
We identify and build on the strengths of your associates, not on their weakness which deplete energy. We focus on success, achievement, and extraordinary performance that creates positive energy. We define excellence not by preventing poor services, but by delivering WOW customer services the customers remember and talk about.

Why are we so confident that the concept of positive leader will bring success to your company?

Positive Leader motivates
Through creating an enthusiastic work environment, associates become motivated to produce extraordinary performance. Positive Leaders promote creativity, encourage risk taking, and provide meaningful work.

Positive Leaders Build Resilience
When the going gets tough, associates working with a Positive Leader are willing to sacrifice their time, energy, and effort to help the organization succeed during difficult times.

Positive Leaders Attract and Retain Talent
Positive Leaders attract and retain quality talent for their company.

Positive Leader will help create an engaged workforce through the utilization of our Positive Assessment Toolsm and the Positive Culture Indexsm.

The process is strengthened through the implementation of our ROI ModelSM:

R. = Relationship
Having a good relationship with your associates is essential to promoting an efficient work environment. Positive Leader helps you create and keep these relationships.

O. = Organizational Culture
Culture represents shared thinking, feelings, and experiences by all members at all levels of your organization. We help you establish positive culture through the integration of positive practices.

I. = Individual Meaning
It may surprise you to learn that many people go to work not for the money or prestige but because they seek to establish meaning and job significance to others. Positive Leaders accomplish this by setting challenging goals and establishing trust by empowering associates to do what they do best.

Our goal is to help companies succeed through positive leadership management.

Take a look at how we can add values to your business:

Positive Assessment Tool (PAT)℠ Hiring Assessment.

Our PAT℠ allows you to quickly determine whether a potential candidate will fit with the positive culture you want to create in your company. Utilizing the concept of people analytics, the PAT℠ provides you with the behavioral DNA which is significant for hiring the right people, leading them, and helping to create your positive culture.

Positive Leadership Training & Development
We provide two types of services with respect to positive leadership training and development: On-site Consulting and E-Learning.

    • Our on-site consulting consists of pre-training assessments and training sessions. During pre-training we will assess the degrees of quality, Positive Leadership and customer service levels at your company. After assessing the surveys, we learn more about the associates and your organization using the Positive Culture Index℠. Next we provide classroom training and activities that target potential improvements in leadership and customer service.
    • Our eLearning training and development modules consist of 6 interactive courses that educate managers on employee engagement through the establishment of positive relationships, organizational culture, and meaning in everyday work.

Positive Culture Index (PCI)℠ Positive Culture Assessment.
Decades of research has shown that a positive culture is characterized by positive relationships and dedication to quality. The PCI℠ helps capture where your company is located within these four quadrants.

Webinars and Seminars
Our customized video and on-site conferences are based on post-module testing results. We also encourage webinar and seminar participants to ask questions and share their challenges in becoming a Positive Leader.

Executive Coaching
We believe that positive leadership is much easier to implement when top management teams ‘buy into’ the concept completely. To meet this particular need, we provide coaching on the executive level.

Leadership Development Review
Positive Leader can provide a review of leadership development curriculum developed by your organization. Our goal is to provide content material, feedback and suggestion on improving the overall effectiveness of the curriculum. We also provide support on how to deliver the content materials in a fun, interactive and engaging manner so that each session will stimulate new ways of thinking, generate curiosity, and pique trainees' interest in the topic of discussion. Finally, we can help provide scientific assessment on the effectiveness of each leadership development sours as well as the overall effectiveness of the leadership development curriculum. These assessments will allow you to build on and improve your own leadership development curriculum.

Strategic Planning
Positive Leader works with managers and executives to provide a comprehensive process on strategic planning. We start with an analysis of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) of your company, which will be developed into strategic initiatives focusing on customers, processes, training and development, and finance. We will then create a strategic plan based on a forced ranking process utilizing the Possible, Implementable, Challenge, and Kill (PICK) chart. Finally, we guide you through the process of creating a balanced scorecard and Objective Key Results (OKRs) to provide responsibility and follow-up measures. All goals and objectives will be reviewed monthly to ensure that your company stays on track throughout the implementation of strategic planning.

Let us help you to build a positive workforce today. Contact us at to start a conversation. No fee, no obligation.

Positive Leader is co-created by Paul Fayad, ex-CEO and a managing partner of HHA Services for 22 years, and Senior Academic Advisor: Dr. Chak Fu Lam.

T: 586.298.3178 C: 313.268.0982 Download CV

Paul Fayad was the CEO and a managing partner of HHA Services for 22 years, and is now Founder and Managing Partner of Positive Leader and eLearning Mind. In 1997 Paul established a hiring process based on personality, customer service testing and measurement of associates’ ability to champion change. In 2000 he created Q-School through which he personally taught all HHA managers and executives the importance of customer service and positive leadership skills.

Under his leadership, HHA achieved numerous awards for customer service and associate satisfaction including America’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, Top 100 Workplaces in Michigan for 2011 and 2012, and Top 30 “Cool Places to Work” in Michigan by Crain’s Detroit Business, Grand Rapids Business Journal and The American Society of Employers in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011. HHA was also awarded, in 2004, “Navigator Status” by the Michigan Quality Council in quality management initiatives, as measured by Malcolm Baldridge criteria.

Paul has written numerous articles in trade journals, produced over 50 industry training videos, and has been invited, as a national speaker, to over 20 conferences. Paul has also conducted seminars for management at over 20 hospitals, healthcare centers and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) throughout the United States. He is a customer service instructor at the American Linen Management (ALM) College.

Robertson Mengata
T: 313.886.3676 C: 313.605.3850

Robertson Mengata Robertson is a dynamic and highly committed sales and trade marketing manager, with combined accounting knowledge and proficiency in U.S. GAAP along with a wide range of other accounting functions.

Roberston was the Trade Marketing Manager at the first telecommunication company in Africa (with 20,000+ employees and 220,000+ subscribers in 22 countries). He led their sales team (of 150+ employees) and developed aggressive marketing campaigns and channel marketing programs, which resulted in an increase of revenues from $180M to $390M in a 5 month period. Robertson was the regional sales manager at the same company prior to, and coordinated and prepared monthly accounting for 10 key distributors including bank reconciliations, monthly financial statements, and financial analyzes necessary for better management of their firm, resulting in an increase of 15% of the region operating margin. Robertson holds an MSA from Suffolk University and an MBA from the University of Poitiers.

As part of University of Michigan, Senior Academic Advisor: Dr. Chak Fu Lam collaborated with HHA President and CEO, Paul Fayad on multiple research projects on positive work environment, associate engagement, and customer service performance at HHA Services.

The scientific results we obtained were stunning: facilities with a more positive work environment provide three times better service performance than facilities with a negative work environment. The research finding is so powerful that Paul and Dr. Lam founded Positive Leader LLC to benefit managers and executives through seminars, presentations, and management consulting on positive leadership throughout the United States. The positive energy generated by mutual respect, shared understanding, and common interest in positive leadership has helped Positive Leader thrive and flourish. Now it is our desire to help you do the same with your associates.

  • Greenville Regional Hospital (2008) - Building Customer Loyalty (March 20, Greenville, IL.)
  • Conway Medical Center (2009) - Delivering ‘WOW’ Service Recovery (May 19, Conway, SC.)
  • Mount Carmel Health System- (2009)
    Encouragement Turns Lives Around (August 20, Columbus, OH.)
  • Major Hospital (2010) - Building Customer Loyalty through “WOW” Customer Services (April 23, Shelbyville, IN.)
  • Mercy Medical Center (2010) Establish a Positive Work Environment (January 5, Des Moines, IA.)
  • War Memorial Hospital (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (January 27, Sault Saint Marie, MI.)
  • Sparrow Hospital (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (April 12, Lansing, MI.)
  • Mount Carmel Health System (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (May 4, Columbus, OH.)
  • Mount Carmel St. Ann’s (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (May 6, Westerville, OH.)
  • Major Hospital (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (September 20, Shelbyville, IN.)
  • Mount Carmel St. Ann’s (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership Part 2 (September 28, Westerville, OH.)
  • Adirondack Medical Center (2011) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership (October 26, Saranac Lake, NY.)
  • Lenbrook the Inspirement Community (2012) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership . (April 24th, Atlanta, GA.)
  • Hancock Regional Hospital (2012) Building Extraordinary Customer Service through Positive Leadership . (July 12, Indianapolis, Indiana.)
  • SchoolCraft Memorial Hospital (2013) Becoming a Positive Leader: Pathway to Extraordinary Customer Service. (Jan 17, St Manistique, Michigan.)

Evaluation from seminar audience

  1. The idea presented is creative - 4.75/5
  2. The idea presented is practical. - 4.81/5
  3. The presentation is well-structured - 4.88/5
  4. The presentation is easy to follow - 4.87/5
  5. In the future, I will engage in positive leadership practices in my management style. - 4.92/5

Major Hospital
150 W. Washington St., Shelbyville, IN 46176-1236

*Jeff Williams, Vice President of Facility Operations
317-421-5708 | 317-398-5253 Fax |

Mount Carmel Health System (Part of Trinity Health)
6150 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43213

*Tina Moore, RN, MSN, System Director of Operations, Admin Contact - EVS & Food
614-546-3272 | 614-546-4758 Fax | 614-250-0614 Pager |

HHA Services, Inc.
22622 Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

*Gary Pollack, Vice President Operations, EVS
586-771-3040 | 586-771-3040 Fax | 734-564-3625 Cell |

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
500 Main Street, Manistique, MI 49854

*George H. Montgomery FACHE/CEO
906-341-3221 |

Our concept of positive leadership is drawn and developed based on 100 years of management.

In the list below, you see a list of articles that speaks to the concept of positive energy, leadership, and high performance organization. (Unfortunately, we cannot share these articles with you due to copyright issues. You can, however, contact us to obtain a free copy for educational use.)

Bakker, A. B., Hakanen, J. J., Demerouti, E., Xanthopoulou, D. (2007). Job resources boost work engagement, particularly when job demands are high. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 274-284.

  • An empirical study with 805 Finnish teacher illustrating the effect of positive relationship, organizational culture, and individual meaning on work engagement.

Gallup (2009). Q12 Meta-analysis: The relationship between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes.

  • Researchers at Gallup put together a comprehensive aggregation of research studies that show that work engagement is positively associated with customer loyalty, profitability, productivity, and more.

Kahn (1990). Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work. Academy of Management Journal, 33, 692-724.

  • A qualitative study examining what is positive work environment, work engagement and how it is fostered at work.

McHugh, M. D., & Ma, C. (2013). Hospital nursing and 30-day readmissions among medicare patients with heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia. Medical Care, 51, 52-59.

  • This study, conducted in a hospital setting, shows that care in a hospital with a positive versus negative work environment was associated with odds of readmission that were 7% lower for heart failure, 6% lower for myocardial infarction, and 10% lower for pneumonia.

Quinn, R., Spreitzer, G.M., & Lam, C.F. (2012). Building a sustainable model of human energy in organizations: Exploring the critical role of resources. Academy of Management Annals, 6, 1-60.

  • A comprehensive review on the concept of positive energy at work. This study examines 6 streams of research on human energy and illustrates how positive energy can be sustained at work.

Salanova, M., Agut, S., & Peiro, J. M. (2005). Linking organizational resources and work engagement to employee performance and customer royalty: the mediation of service climate. Journal of Applied Psychology, 90, 1217-1227.

  • An empirical study illustrating the positive effect of positive work environment and work engagement on employee performance and customer loyalty.

Rich, B. L., LePine, J. A., & Crawford, E. R. (2010). Job engagement: antecedents and effects on job performance. Academy of Management Journal, 53, 617-635.

  • An empirical study demonstrating the positive effect of job engagement on task performance and citizenship behaviors.
ALM Journal Summer 2013 ALM Journal Fall 2013 ALM Journal Winter 2014

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