TOOL (PAT)℠ Individual

Our PAT℠ for Individuals is a standardized measure of personalities and behaviors designed to help individuals better identify and understand their strengths and areas for improvement which aids in their self-development and the development of their relationships.

Positive Leader

A Positive Work Environment Always Outperforms a Negative One

At Positive Leader, our goal is to help you achieve a positive work environment that promotes creativity, happiness, and positive energy. Based on years of scientific research and "C" Suite experience, we have developed a system that helps your associates become the Positive Leaders your company needs in order to thrive.


Our PAT℠ allows you to quickly determine whether a potential candidate will fit with the positive culture you want to create in your company. Utilizing the concept of people analytics, the PAT℠ provides you with the behavioral DNA, which is significant for hiring the right people, leading them, and helping to create your positive culture.

ASK US ABOUT ROWERS, SITTERS AND DRILLERS℠, and the Positive Culture Index℠ The wrong combination can significantly hinder the culture and energy of your organization.