The Concept of Positive Energy, Leadership, & More

Our concept of positive leadership is drawn and developed based on 100 years of management.

In the list below, you see a list of articles that speaks to the concept of positive energy, leadership, and high-performance organization. (Unfortunately, we cannot share these articles with you due to copyright issues. You can, however, contact us to obtain a free copy for educational use.)

Bakker, A. B., Hakanen, J. J., Demerouti, E., Xanthopoulou, D. (2007). Job resources boost work engagement, particularly when job demands are high. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 274-284.

  • An empirical study with 805 Finnish teacher illustrating the effect of positive relationship, organizational culture, and individual meaning on work engagement.

Gallup (2009). Q12 Meta-analysis: The relationship between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes.

  • Researchers at Gallup put together a comprehensive aggregation of research studies that show that work engagement is positively associated with customer loyalty, profitability, productivity, and more.

Kahn (1990). Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work. Academy of Management Journal, 33, 692-724.

  • A qualitative study examining what is positive work environment, work engagement and how it is fostered at work.

McHugh, M. D., & Ma, C. (2013). Hospital nursing and 30-day readmissions among Medicare patients with heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia. Medical Care, 51, 52-59.

  • This study, conducted in a hospital setting, shows that care in a hospital with a positive versus negative work environment was associated with odds of readmission that were 7% lower for heart failure, 6% lower for myocardial infarction, and 10% lower for pneumonia.

Quinn, R., Spreitzer, G.M., & Lam, C.F. (2012). Building a sustainable model of human energy in organizations: Exploring the critical role of resources. Academy of Management Annals, 6, 1-60.

  • A comprehensive review on the concept of positive energy at work. This study examines 6 streams of research on human energy and illustrates how positive energy can be sustained at work.

Salanova, M., Agut, S., & Peiro, J. M. (2005). Linking organizational resources and work engagement to employee performance and customer loyalty: the mediation of service climate. Journal of Applied Psychology, 90, 1217-1227.

  • An empirical study illustrating the positive effect of positive work environment and work engagement on employee performance and customer loyalty.

Rich, B. L., LePine, J. A., & Crawford, E. R. (2010). Job engagement: antecedents and effects on job performance. Academy of Management Journal, 53, 617-635.

  • An empirical study demonstrating the positive effect of job engagement on task performance and citizenship behaviors.
Positive Leader
Positive Leader